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How Can Winter Affect Septic Systems?

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Cooler weather is upon us and that means it's time to start weather-proofing your home for winter. Living in Northern Florida we typically have milder winters, but that doesn't mean we are 100% safe from the damaging effects of frigid temperatures. Cold snaps in our region can create all types of issues for unprepared homeowners. Preparing your septic system ahead of time can put your mind at ease throughout the winter months so you don't find any costly surprises.

Colder Temperatures

Colder temperatures, especially below freezing can have an impact on many systems in your home, including your septic system. Pipes can become frozen and hinder your septic systems ability to functioning properly. If you have any exposed pipes, make sure they are insulated before you experience severe cold temperatures.

Higher Usage

The holidays bring about many gatherings, especially in your home. The more company you have, the more your septic system is going to be used. More people equals more toilet flushes, more showers, more dishes to wash, and more laundry! The best way to prepare for winter guests is to have your septic system pumped-out on a regular basis. We recommend having your septic system pumped-out every 3-5 years. If you have a larger family it may be best to do it more frequently.

inspections matter

Having your septic system pumped-out every 3-5 years is the basic maintenance required to ensure the life of your septic system. However, inspections are just, if not, more important, because they can identify small problems before they turn into catastrophes. Having your system both pumped-out AND inspected prior to the arrival of cold weather it a great idea. Freezing can exacerbate minor problems and it may be harder to repair them quickly during inclement weather.

Blackwater Septic Service provides septic tank installations, inspections, maintenance, and repair to the Big Bend area of Florida. We would love to come inspect your tank prior to colder weather moving into our area. Give us a call today to set up your inspection appointment. As always, we appreciate your business and the support of our family owner septic services!

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