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Septic Tank inspection

Did you know... If you're going to clean it, you might as well inspect it??

Septic system inspections will include both the septic tank and drain field. During the inspection process the tank will be pumped-out so that a septic system technician can inspect the tank itself. During the tank inspection the technician will be able to identify any areas of concern such as cracks or clogs. The drain field connections will also be checked for any degradation from wear and tear, tree root growth, etc. After the inspection is complete you will be able to review a report that will detail the findings of the inspection.

septic pump out

So you might be wondering...

When is the right time to get a septic tank inspection?


1 - You will want to schedule a septic tank inspection and pump if you are new to a property and have never seen the condition of your current tank system. Read our blog on "Things To Look Out For When Buying A  Home With A Septic Tank."

2 - You have septic system issues that do not seem related directly to the drain field area of your system and need further inspection on the actual connections to your household plumbing system.

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Insurance companies may
require system inspection

Have you been contacted about your home and having certain household utilities up-to-date/code? You're not alone...

Septic Tank Maintenance means that every 3-5 years based on your household usage, you will need to contact your trusted Septic Tank Contractor Blackwater Septic Service for a routine cleaning or what we in the business call a "septic tank pump-out" where we bring in our rig and take care of cleaning your septic tank.

hurricane prep for septic tanks

Hurricane preparation is a way of life in our area. There are things you can do as a homeowner to protect the integrity of your septic system before hurricanes. The best way to ensure the life of your septic system is through proper maintenance. When regularly maintained with regular pump-outs and inspections every 3-5 years, your septic system will function properly for years to come.


Combining proper maintenance and hurricane prep to reduce potential storm damage to your septic system is the best way to go! Blackwater Septic Service is certified in the state of Florida for septic tank maintenance, new tank installations, and septic system repairs. We're only a phone call away, even in storm emergencies. Call us today at 850-510-3319 to schedule your next maintenance pump-out and inspection so we can identify issues BEFORE a hurricane strikes!

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