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Top 5 Septic Tank Myths: Why You Need To Know The Truth

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

If you have ever had a conversation about septic tanks or septic systems with a family member, friend, or coworker chances are you've heard at least one septic tank myth. While personal experience can be helpful when considering whether information about septic tanks is plausible, sometimes well-meaning folks may offer bad septic tank advice. The experts at Blackwater Septic Service want to ensure you have the BEST available information to ensure the life of your septic system. Clearing up common misconceptions is part of our service to you, so let's cover the most common septic tank myths here:

Myth 1: Septic tanks take care of themselves.

The truth: It is recommended that you pump-out your septic tank every 3-5 years depending on the size of your tank. Your septic system does run without little input from you, however, proper maintenance and conscientious household practices will have a positive impact on your septic system. This will ensure your septic tank and drain field remain functional for years to come.

Myth 2: You only pump the tank when it get's full or overflows.

The truth: If your septic tank is working properly, it will always be full of water. Septic tank pump-outs are not to remove water, but to remove solid waste build up inside of the tank. After a septic tank pump-out your tank will be full of water again within a week! Don't wait for your septic tank to overflow, before you contact Blackwater Septic Service for a pump-out. If you wait until an overflow to schedule a pump-out your tank may be malfunctioning.

Myth 3: You can put anything down the drain.

The truth: This is absolutely false. Using your sink and shower drains, or your toilets as a catch all for common household waste products is NEVER suggested when considering ways to keep your septic system healthy. Solid objects can create clogs, certain liquid can create bacterial imbalances, and other materials that are not biodegradable create solid waste build up. To learn more about septic tank best practices click here.

Myth 4: Additives reduce the need for pumping.

The truth: There are many products that are advertised to "help" your septic system function properly. Some may even say they can reduce the need for septic tank pump-outs. Most of these product claims are unsubstantiated and contain "secret microbes" or other unknown ingredients. A healthy septic system doesn't need any additives. The best way to ensure the life of your septic system is to have a maintenance agreement with a certified septic system provider for regular pump-outs and inspections.

Myth 5: Septic tanks must be replaced every 20 years.

The truth: The lifespan of your septic system is highly dependent on proper maintenance. There is no expiration date on a septic system. Following the recommended pump-out schedule of 3-5 years is one way to extend the life of your septic system. Regular septic tank inspections can also identify potential issues such as tree roots, cracks, clogs, or waste build up.

Blackwater Septic Service provides maintenance agreements which include inspections and pump-outs of your septic system every 3-5 years. Our goal is not only to maintain your septic system, but to extend the life of your septic system for as long as possible. Don't rely on someone's opinion or limited knowledge when it comes to your septic system. Call the experts at Blackwater Septic Service with your septic tank questions!

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