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What Comes First: The Inspection or The Pump?

Septic Tank Maintenance means that every 3-5 years based on your household usage, you will need to contact your trusted Septic Tank Contractor Blackwater Septic Service for a routine cleaning or what we in the business call a "septic tank pump-out" where we bring in our rig and take care of cleaning your septic tank.

Here's a quick video of How A Septic Tank Cleaning Works when Blackwater Septic Service brings our award-winning customer service and expertise to YOUR property:

Now the question remains: What comes first, a tank inspection or a tank pump-out? Well, the answer is:

A septic tank PUMP-OUT comes before a septic tank INSPECTION can occur.

So you might be wondering... when is the right time to get a septic tank inspection?

1 - You will want to schedule a septic tank inspection and pump if you are new to a property and have never seen the condition of your current tank system.

2 - You have issues that do not seem related directly to the drain field area of your system and need further inspection on the actual connections to your household plumbing system.

3 - You want to take advantage of our AMAZING 2021 Summer Offer where we are offering $50 Off Tank Inspections when you schedule a Pump-Out with Blackwater Septic Service before August 31st.

Are you ready to contact our team and set up your service today? Click here to complete your service request right away. Don't forget -- Share this with a friend and help them save today also.

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